Launch of BN Special Fund By China Volunteer Service Foundation
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On March 5, 2019, on the occasion of the 56th anniversary of Chairman Mao's initiative to "learn from Comrade Lei Feng," the BN Special Fund by China Volunteer Service Foundation was launched in Beijing. Nearly 50 people, including Shi Dahua, chairman of the China Volunteer Service Foundation; Wu Shixiong, executive vice chairman; Wang Huaiyuan, deputy secretary general; Liu Xia, deputy secretary general; Xu Jin, deputy secretary general; Yao Li, founder and chairman of the BN vocational school; Xie JiaYang, supervisor of the BN vocational school and Director Hong Bo, Mao Qian, Hui Chunyu; and Wen Bo, president of the 100-year Vocational School, as well as warm-hearted people and volunteers, attended the launching ceremony.

 The "BN Special Fund" was jointly initiated by the China Volunteer Service Foundation and the BN Vocational School, and was established with the approval of the Ministry of Civil Affairs for the purpose of developing public welfare and free vocational education for poor young people. And promote the participation of social public welfare enter into the education, management and other fields in voluntary service, in order to provide strong support and guarantee.

The China Volunteer Service Foundation has a good cooperative relationship with BN vocational schools, especially during the project of the Folk Music and Dance Education in Leishan BN Vocational School funded by the Foundation in 2018, which has had an extensive social impact and laid the foundation for the two sides to further carry out public welfare cooperation and build a broader social public welfare platform.

 In the speech at the launching ceremony, Chairman Shi Dahua of the China Volunteer Service Foundation stressed that the special fund should follow General Secretary Xi Jinping's important instructions on voluntary service during his recent research in Tianjin. We should constantly strengthen the sense of honor and pride in volunteering in the new era, constantly develop the awareness of social responsibility, rules and dedication, and strictly implement the regulations on Volunteer Service and relevant laws and regulations. It is necessary to conscientiously carry out the implementation, standardize the operation, strengthen supervision, keep open and transparent to ensure that the "BN Special Fund" is complied with law, benefit the people, reassure the donors, and satisfy the society needs. In order to contribute the development of voluntary service and social harmony.

 At the launching ceremony, Beijing Yinda Property Management Co., Ltd. donated 1 million yuan to the BN Special Fund to support various public welfare projects and social services based on the BN vocational school platform to follow the initiative of the state and participate in social innovation and governance, convey corporate philanthropy culture, and carry forward socialist core values.

Shi Dahua, chairman of the China Volunteer Service Foundation, and Yao Li, chairman of the BN Vocational School, jointly unveiled the "Centennial Love Special Fund."

Shi Dahua, Chairman of China Volunteer Service Foundation, delivered a speech

Wu Shixiong, executive vice chairman of the China Volunteer Service Foundation, and Wenbo, president of BN Vocational Schools, signed an agreement on the establishment of BN Special Fund.