Project Official of IYF Visited BNVS Chengdu, Yinchuan and Beijing
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Colton Hubbard, project official of Passport to Success (PTS) that was provided by International Youth Foundation (IYF), visited BNVS Chengdu, Yinchuan and Beijing from December 11 to December 16 of 2016. He audited PTS classes, taught some training classes and exchanged ideas with teachers of BNVS.

BNVS and IYF cooperated since 2012 in promoting PTS Curriculumaspart of the teaching content of the school. PTS Curriculum isalso the major part of the life skill courses of BNVS. The teaching plan and teaching methods of PTS Curriculum deeply influenced the teaching pattern of BNVS and become the main teaching innovationcontentof the school.



A student guides Colton around the BNVS Chengdu in English



Students from BNVS Beijing present a hand-made Christmas card to Colton.




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