Rumor Goes that no teacher can help students from vocational schools, Really? It depends on the pedagogy. —— Ideas from Global educational experts, Demo classes from model teachers, Riveting classes from vocational schools!
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Rumor Goes that no teacher can help students from vocational schools, Really? It depends on the pedagogy. —— Ideas from Global educational experts, Demo classes from model teachers, Riveting classes from vocational schools!

   BN vocational school (BNVS) organized the second BN Vocational Educational Workshop (BN VocEd Workshop) from March 25th until March 26th, 2017. Special thanks to the sponsors who made this event possible, of whom include China Development Research Foundation, Citi Foundation, Hill-house Foundation, and 21st Century Educational Research Institute. Over 300 people participated in the workshop. Participants include school-masters, teachers of vocational schools from Midwestern provinces such as Guizhou, Gansu, Jiangxi, Sichuan, Henan, Ningxia as well as their Beijing peers, guests from the US and Denmark, representatives from domestic educational institutes, domestic NGOs, and enterprises.  

As wide-ranging as their backgrounds, the questions participants brought with them to the two-day workshop touched on many of the problems participants faced in their respective settings. “How should we broaden the horizon of vocational school students from underdeveloped area?” ”When I found that students prefer paying attention to their cellphones over paying attention in their classes, how should I help them?” “In terms of motivation, what should we do to help those students who have no interest in learning at all?" When teachers from vocational schools individually stood up to share the problems that trouble them the most, educational experts from Denmark and the US Extended their expertise, inspiring them with pertinent concepts and ideas. (“Educating the Whole person”, “Life skill education”, “Seeing the students as the core of education”, ”Assessment of the efficiency of vocational school classes”, “Efficient teaching methods”, etc.)

Day 1: Keynotes Speeches


Yaoli, the founder and the board chairperson of BNVS, open the workshop and express the gratitude to all the participants

 Zhang Meiying, vice chairperson of the eleventh CPPCC National Committee attend the workshop and deliver an opening speech emphasizing the importance of professional technicians in the development of China

Lu Mai, Secretary General of China Development Research Foundation, deliver a speech reflecting on the quality of vocational education

 Liu Lingzi, Head of Corporate Citizenship, Citi China, give a speech summarizing the successful cooperation between BNVS and Citi foundation.

Sabina Brady, BNVS board member, senior consultant of enterprises and NGO host the keynote speeches

Keynote speeches 


“A Framework for and Implementation of Effective Pedagogy - The Pedagogical Triangle revisited & Relevance for a New Generation”

Hanne Helleshoej, PhD, President of Basic Health Care College, FVHDenmark

“The Core of Effective Pedagogy--Educating the Whole Person”

 Walter R. Huber, PhD , Professor & Chair, Department of Political Science; Director of Center for Regional Planning and Development, Muskingum UniversityUSA

A Systemic Approach for Teacher Evaluation & Continuous Improvement, focusing on Denmark - Implementation on both the Organization Level & in the Classroom”

Dorte Truelsen Gram, RN & Masters of Health Science, Head of Department, Basic Health Care College, FVH, Denmark

Stinne Hoey Soerensen, Lecturer of Basic Health Care College, FVH, Denmark

  “Soft Skills as a Critical Element in Vocational Training Systems--Their Importance to Students and Employers, Pedagogical Approaches and Measurement Tools.”

Peter ShirasExecutive Vice President, International Youth Foundation (IYF), USA

Schoolmasters/teachers invited by China Development Research Foundation as well as schoolmasters and government officials from underdeveloped areas exchange ideas with foreign educators

Remarks given by the following experts from vocational educational field and related industries


Wang Jie, BNVS board member, Vice president and director of corporate affairs and sustainable development, Schneider Electric China;

Lu Bin, The Dean of HILLHOUSE ACADEMY, Renmin University of China;

Wang Zhi , BNVS board member, lecturer of Communication University of China

Yang Guojun, Schoolmaster of Weiyuan Vocational School, Gansu Province

Day 2  Demonstration lesson

BNVS Beijing ( Wangjing Campus)

The second day of the workshop was the Demo Class day. During the arranged demo classes, teachers and students exchanged their roles. At the start of the day, the guests (teachers) came to BNVS Beijing and were separated into seven classes based on color, which were assigned according to the color of the T-shirt they chose upon entering the building. On the other hand, the members of the Student Union of BNVS Beijing organized an assessment committee and tasked with implementing a serious system to evaluate the teachers’ behavior as students in the demo classes.

Teachers select T-shirts of different colors randomly, dividing themselves into seven “student” classes

 The schoolmaster-introduce scoring guidelines of the demo classes (Shutting off cellphones, being punctual, sharing ideas and asking questions in the classes are encouraged behaviors that can win some points for one’s own team)

 Students of BNVS Beijing lead 7 teams of “students” into their respective classrooms by holding placards in 7 colors

 Demo Classes

English Class Making Friends

Jin Gefei, Lecturer of New Oriental Education & Technology Group

“Fundamentals of Horticulture – Diversity of the Plants”

Luo Le, teacher of BNVS, PhD, Lecturer of Beijing Forestry University

“Passport to Success - Understanding Emotions & Responsibility”

  Kat Backof, Professor, International Youth Foundation, USA

“Simulations in Nursing: Patient who will not drink; Patient who will not eat”

Dorte Truelsen Gram, RN & Masters of Health Science, Registered Nurse, Head of Department, Basic Health Care College, FVH, Denmark

Intelligent Building - Application of Smart Home Systems

Hu Zhenting, Experienced Product Application Engineer, Schneider Electric

"Students” back in their classrooms are enthusiastic in learning. They enjoy the classes by actively discussing technical concepts and interacting with teachers

The guests and demo class teachers gather together for a short combined teaching method seminar after the demo classes

After the teaching method seminar, Gao Xiaowei , head of the students assessment committee, announce that the Light-blue team won first prize by their good manners and enthusiastic participation in the demo classes

 First prize winners of the scoring contest : the Light-blue team


At the end of the workshop, BNVS charity choir, conducted by teacher Guo He, and piano companied by teacher Liu Kai, sang 3 songs for the guests ( “The running stream”,“Midu Folk Song”,“Love song in Kangding”). The air of youth and confident smiles given by the students struck a deep chord with the guests who were witness to the beautiful results of quality vocational education




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