PTS Pedagogy, A Dynamic Critical-thinking Workshop
Release date:2017-04-25 Views:2851

 From March 28th until March 31st, 2017, over 30 teachers from 9 BNVS schools received PTS (Passport To Success) training from Kat and Geena, PTS coaches of International Youth Foundation, USA.


Through its 10 years partnership with BNVS, PTS course provided numerous pedagogical models for the school. “Mini Study groups” (usually there are only 3 or 4 students in a study group) invite individual students to play some active roles in the group discussion and other class activities. A progressive enquiry system led by questions what? So what? Now what?guides students to build logical and deep learning habits.


During the training courses, PTS coaches introduced PTS teaching methods and provided demo classes for BNVS teachers. Eventually BNVS teachers formed mini groups and practiced teaching three PTS classes titled “Gender roles and stereotypes”, ”Positive attitude” and “Being a good Team-player”. PTS coaches and schoolmasters observed the practice lectures and provided feedback. At the end the training course, all teachers obtained their PTS training course certificate.


In the context of BNVS, educators advance their expertise by educating themselves as well as educating their students. Teachers of BNVS are constantly improving their pedagogy through deep thinking and learning.




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