In the Name of Art | BNVS F4 High Energy Youth Group Come Back from India and school organizes “ ’India Impression’—— BNVS Students India Art Educational Achievement Exhibition"
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      Do you still remember F4 High Energy Youth Group?

      Do you still remember Pu Xianyi, Zheng Shaoqiu, Wang Rui and Huang xin, four fine young men from BNVS who traveled all the way to India for art courses in International Institute of Fine Art?

      On April 21, 2017, BNVS organized a special art exhibition titled “India ImpressionBNVS students India Art Educational Achievement Exhibition" in Beijing. During the exhibition, 4 students came back from International Institute of Fine Art ( IIFA) shared their experience and comprehension during the art journey and presented their fruitful study outcome for the sponsors and charitable supporters of BNVS. Over 60 paintings and other forms of art pieces that created by the four students when they studied in India have been displayed in the exhibition.

Pu Xianyi, one of the students who studied art in India, shared his inspiration of the work on the exhibition spot.

     “The name of my painting is ‘Plum Flowers Blossom in the Snow”, there is a line of Chinese ancient poem at the side, saying ‘Bitter winter adds keen fragrance to plum blossoms’. My Indian teachers and classmates were eager to learn some Chinese culture so they asked me to explain the meaning of the poem. I told them the metaphor of the painting is ‘Everything is difficult before it becomes easy’My teacher kept the painting in India because they loved the moral of it!”Pu Xianyi from BNVS Yinchuan, the painter of the painting once gave up his university educational opportunity due to poverty. Now, he has gained back his confidence of pursuing a wonderful life through a journey of art.

Painting titled‘Plum Flowers Blossom in the Snow”created by Pu Xianyi, one of the students who studied art in India

     Zheng Shaoqiu, a student from BNVS Wuhan, shared a story that happened when he was merely a new arrival to India. “When I met president of IIFA for the first time, I faintly heard a question from the president, “What is your education?” I didn’t know that he meant “What have you learned?” Yet the word “Education” reminded me of the BNVS motto, so I said, “Education lights the journey of life.” This answer confused the president. We made fools of ourselves many times because of our very limited English ability, yet teachers and classmates patiently helped us to improve our language ability until we have finally started to communicate with them sensibly. My favorite place in India was the Art gallery which was decorated by IIFA graduates’ art works. I think people who walk on this road would be amazed by the artistic view.

 Zheng Shaoqiu, one of the students who studied art in India shares his story of the first meeting with the president

Wang Rui learned culinary skill in BNVS Nanjing. “I loved drawing pictures but I wasn’t aware the existence of art techniques. I have never dreamed that a boy like myself, who was merely able to mark and scribble on papers for fun, could take an oversea university art course one day. Our Indian teachers have very high expectations for the students. Once, my Indian teacher asked me : “Do you have any idea how far it is from here to your home? ” I said, “ My home is far away from here. “ Then my teacher told me: “It is such an amazing thing that you can study in a country that is so far away from your home. It’s hard to believe that you won’t make the best use of every minute of this course to learn new things.” Under the help of my Indian teachers, I found that I have made great progress and even have my own exhibition. My biggest transformation is that I am surer of myself now.


Woodcut work created by Wang Rui, one of the students who studied art in India

      Huang Xin from BNVS Beijing introduced his experience of creating clay sculpture work, “As a complete beginner of clay sculpture, I couldn’t have believed that I would create an art piece like this.”I was lucky enough to be involved in the field of art, which helped me to see the beauty of life.

Clay sculpture work created by Huang Xin, one of the students who studied art in India

      Ms. Xiang Jing, a well-known sculptor, delivered a speech, saying that she felt excited over the efforts and progress of the students and she would love to develop some art courses for BNVS students. She commented, “Most people might not able to work for art, but we can all enjoy art. “ Her speech resonated with many other audiences.

Ms. Xiang Jing, a well-known sculptor, delivers a speech

     Steven Ying, the Chairperson of Amazing Potential Foundation and the sponsor of the project, appreciated the works created by the students and amazed with the transformational power of the education. He said, “By viewing the daily life photos of students in India, we could see the hospitality of Indian teachers, students for our Chinese students, also we witness to the friendship and culture integration of our two countries. Great educational systems transform lives and young people’s potential is always infinite. I would like to focus on creating a sustainable, equal educational system to tap the potential of youth. Also, we should help art to play an important role in the educational system.  

Steven Ying, the Chairperson of Amazing Potential Foundation gives a speech


Steven Ying, the Chairperson of Amazing Potential Foundation and Ms. Xiang Jing, a well-known sculptor, take a group photo.

     Mrs. Vanaja K. Thekkat, counsellor of India Embassy, came all the way to the Happiness Cafe for attending the conference and exhibition. She expressed the appreciation of the students’ works and her will to support art education of BNVS. She also said that the India embassy would like to invite some India artists to provide music, yoga and art courses for BNVS. Mrs. Vanaja K. Thekkat expressed her hope for creating more communication opportunities for youth from two counties through art and educational events.


In BNVS, many basic art courses are involved in the life skill educational system, which changed the students’ value, as well as their views of the world and the life. Art education is an indispensable part of the great educational system of BNVS. Sending four students to India for an art education was an innovative attempt in the basic art educational field. It is also a new start of life skill courses. Meanwhile, it left an indelible impression on the lives of four students.    




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