There Are Brilliant Love Lanterns In the Night Sky
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  The ancient Chinese book The Burning Lamp tells the story of how Buddhists often use the lamp to indicate that the light will break through the dark.  It also symbolizes the spread of Buddhism.  One of the historical records of Chao, a sect of Buddhism also mentions that the man who knows the lamp can break through the dark and lead one to the light, that he burning lamp leads with it´s luminosity to defeat the darkness.  Similar to the feelings felt by the Buddhists, the mission statement of BNVS, that Education lights the journey of life, portrays the hope that the young people facing difficulties feel as they are able to overcome their troubles.  The first two letters of BNVS do not simply mean Bia Nian in pinyin-rather these two letters hold a much deeper significance.   Instead, these letters come from the work Beacon, showing the world it´s mission to break through the darkness that children of poverty without opportunities due to their unfortunate situations are able to overcome with the help of BNVS. 

    Though a primary goal of BNVS´s students is to establish themselves in society after their time learning at BNVS has ended, students also strive to pass on love, kindness, and make giving back to those less fortunate a part of their lives beyond their time in school.  In order to help teach students the importance of giving back, all students are required to take part in some type of community service project during their educational training.  In order for students to understand the meaning of kindness and to create a habit of helping others, students take part in various community service projects.  

    To help students to learn the value of giving back as well as spread feelings of love and hope to those less fortunate, the Big Cyber, Artgogo, WanYouYingLi, and BNVS all collaborated together to create the Lightingof Love project. This activity was officially launched at the 12th BN Charity Gala, forming so that the students of BNVS could send their lamps to those in need of light during the winter holiday of 2017.

   By the time of the publication of this article, there were eight different BN Vocational Schools that participated in the torch project and sent the loving lamps to nearly 100 poverty-stricken counties and township across China.


                                                     Lighting of Love officially launch

    Qubu from BNVSs Sanya location, was the first of the students to bring the light to his hometown.  It came down along with him to the bottom of the Ta-Liang Mountain of Sichuan Provence, bringing light to the children of the orphanage where he volunteered.   

     In the depths of the mountain, the sun is low.  However, children no longer have to squat in the playground with the glow of the sunset to provide adequate light to do their homework thanks to the light provided by the solar lamp. 

       The students of BNVS were beyond excited, waiting for the moment that Qubu would sent the first photo of the children using their solar lamps in their Wechat group.  When the time came and the image arrived, they understood their power to change the situation for those that lacked basic resources such as light.  They understood the need held by the families that needed them, and understood their need to send them to those in need.  Those people living in the dark and definitely looking forward to lighting their homes and minds. Before the commencement of the 2017 winter break, BNVSs around the country launched training as well as publicity for the activity.  



  A loving lamp, a light to show the way home through the mountains with a warm heart are being created by our students.


     The volunteers came from BNVS Wuhan Cui location.  One student, Xiaoyan, noticed the situations of one of the families that she gave her lamp to.  A family of four is crammed into a room less than 30 square meters.  There is no electricity in the home as well.  When I asked about the place that Tingting liked best, her answer stayed with me for a long time.  I like to go to the supermarket most she said, because there are so many books and there are lights. When I brought her the lamp to light the room, she was so happy.  She was jumping when she lit the light, and the whole room was bright.


    Other volunteers came from BNVSs Chengdu location.  One student, Tang Jiawen, told about his experience with the love lamp program.  Before break, our headmaster Chen told us that we could send this light to our parents if we were unable to stay with them.  Instead of us going home, the lamps could go with our parents instead of us.  However, I think grandma Li needed my help more, so I sent mine to her.


     A volunteer of BNVSs Wuhan location, Wu Jinzhi told of how she chose to use her love lamp.  Grandpa Gui is an elderly, empty-nester who lives all by himself.  At 79 years old, his son and daughter always have to work outside.  They are only able to stay with him several days during the Spring Festival in the entire year.  The house has been in need of repair for many years and the furniture is mostly rags now.  There is only one bulb in the hall, so many other places are very dark so I gave this lamp to him.  I hope he no longer has to eat his meals without light.



        Volunteer of BNVS Sanya, Zhoumin, told of her experience as well.  Grandpa Li is over 70 years old but he still needs to work every day farming.  He does not have any fixed income.  Though he has four sons, they must all work outside and they barely have time to see each other at home.  His wife is also paralyzed.  Due to this, she needs constant supervision and help throughout her daily life.  Their three grandsons also need to be cared for.  I hope that this solar lamp can help him a little by saving some money on electric.

     Weiyi is now 12 years old and lives with his grandparents.  Hes always studying so he can learn a lot, so he is always doing his homework until midnight.  Now that he has his lamp, said Su Yunfang, a volunteer from BNVS, he told me that he does not have to worry about the electric bill when he does his math questions in the dark anymore.

    Lets take a look at the other students of the Lighting of Love project:


 ¨Now that I have this light, I can see better with its brightness when I wash clothes and prepare meals for my family in the kitchen-a place that used to be dark.


The child who received the love lamp smiled from ear to ear.

      The brightest star in the night sky, even when it is dark.

      During this winter vacation, a lot of families were full of warmth, moved by the love lamps-doing kind things for others can fill our hearts with love. 


         In the meantime, we have launched the work for the enrollment process of BNVS.  If you have a young person in your life who needs our help, if you are a parent hoping for your child to gain valuable skills and knowledge, if you want to be a part of an organization that seeks to help others with your actions and to show thanks to those that have helped us before, welcome to BNVS.  For more details, please visit the official website at




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