The founder of BNVS Yao Li says, “Face the challenge bravely, with the best vocational education to light the future of young life.
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My dear teachers:

       On the occasion of the Spring Festival, I would like to express my heartfelt appreciation to the teachers on behalf of the centennial school council. Let us look forward to a happy and successful Spring Festival, to the continuing happiness of our families, and to a year of good luck!

       With this management meeting, I would like to summarize the working conditions of BN Vocational School and report on the future plans at this time.  

       The teachers' etiquette competition, which has just been held, is an important activity held to portray the fundamental idea of education that is held at our school. We believe that elevating the aesthetic level is the task of both BNVS’s teachers and students alike. Due to the fact that a teacher should be a model for student’s aesthetic, the school should be a place to pass on nothing but the good. Whether this be with our behavior, through the atmosphere of our environment, expressed through our ideas and the other products of our thought, everything here should be beautiful.  From this competition, we also give recognition to the values of BNVS, demonstrating that these guiding principles are undoubtedly shared by teachers and colleagues from a variety of different backgrounds and experiences.

       Teachers who make the decision to come here hold a shared idea on the concept of common public education.  They believe strongly in their need to provide the best vocational education to these young individuals whom have lost opportunities due to the unfairness of poverty and other sorts of difficulties that they have faced in their young lives.  They help them to obtain jobs and grow into strong, healthy adults.  Education at BNVS carries a lot in the name of the pursuit towards fairness in education and the growth of social justice.

Over the past 12 years, BNVS has become a philanthropic brand with the public interest management system. Each year, we collect more than twenty million RMB in donations to financially support the school.  This immense amount of support comes from over 3.000 donators that support BNVS financially in so many ways.   

However, BNVS is not simply a nonprofit organization.  As a school, we strive to provide the best vocational education for underprivileged youth. This is why we have been trying to make it a professional education brand over the course of the past twelve years. BNVS has continued to explore the innovation of education. Thanks to our joint efforts, we have received favorable comments from all sectors of society. Our graduates are 100% employed, and the story of their changes prove the mission of BNVS’s centralized mission-that education lights the journey of life.

All of this happens because we possess something invaluable: a team composed of selfless and loving individuals.

Teaching is both a selfless career and an altruistic profession. As the work of a teacher is centered on his or her students, they must be constantly considering how to best assist their students through the process of learning.

The teachers working for BNVS are more than simply altruistic.  Instead of seeking fame and fortune, they pertain to stricter moral requirements as the educational method of BNVS is that moral education should be for all.  BNVS also believes that example is better than precept and that one must lead by example.  A teacher must always pay a great deal of attention to students.  Due to this, I always think that the basic structure of moral education at BNVS is relying on the dedication of teachers to implement because their own actions to affect the students.  I began to see this with the large alteration in their lives that teachers began to make when they come to BNVS.  Some have chosen to end their smoking habits when they are teaching for BNVS.  Some have also changed their clothing style in order to live the rules that students must. All changes made with students in mind.  In order to teach students to live healthy and moral lives, teachers must practice what they preach and have chosen to change their ways.   

Educating students to understand the importance of practical work in life is not an easy task. Our education is not one that focuses solely on making students employable and finding them jobs. While extremely important, we also focus intensely on teaching students to live a healthy lifestyle and preparing them to live morally.  With that being said, students cannot partake in behavior that is unbecoming of them such as working as hackers to make money. They cannot participate in fraudulent activity or any sort of immoral behavior.  As this positive influence comes from their teachers, students always thank their teachers primarily when they have received good notes in school.

Teaching as a career is full of challenges along the way-always is the need great to continue studying and improving oneself in order to keep our students interested. Nowadays, with new technology seeming to change the world every day, the internet has changed our day to day lives.  Artificial intelligence has come to us in a rush of speed like no other period of human history has seen before.  To be skilled no longer means to be knowledgeable on one particular skill.  Instead, it means to be able to learn new skills as the world continues to change and develop. To teach students to learn, teachers must continue to learn as well. 

2016 has been a year full of continuous learning.

This semester, we have added two new courses: senior career and gardening. In eight different BNVS locations, 426 teachers are working hard to teach 436 subjects.  In total, their efforts have amounted to over 16.300 hours of teaching in 19 different vocational skills. 

Thanks to the grant from the CITI foundation, we have completed both the use and development of the teaching management system.  Each and every teacher’s teaching activities are now recorded on the system and can be accessed.

With our teachers, we have carried out experience teaching, project teaching, enterprise practice teaching, and teaching methods of internet training.

Trying to improve the motivation of studying by learning self-management of students, we have also carried out the credit system in BNVS’s Beijing location.

At the meeting yesterday, the headmaster of Zhengzhou BNVS Wang Jing, spoke from experience about her time spent working with a top kindergarten in the Henan Province.  “In the past, our graduates were seen as hard working individuals.   While this is true, they were not very skilled at the professional level and had difficulty obtaining work.  Through the struggles faced by the graduates of the kindergarten that I worked at, we now strive to avoid the issues that they have faced.  Due to the difficulties faced by our current students, we now seek to keep students from losing good opportunities for employment that are a product of a poor education.”

The students of BNVS come from families that face a variety of special difficulties

Before beginning their education at BNVS, many students have not received any form  of proper education-some had yet to learn math or writing skills.  Due to the vast differences seen between the knowledge of students when they come to BNVS, there are many different levels of students. 

During the 12 years of our existence, we have done our best to create a teaching system that strives to create life values and vocational skills training in order to see great progress in our students within their limited amount of time spent at BNVS.  Through the process of exploration, our practice has always leaded to an advantage in the professional education field.  Due to this, our gradates are well received in the workplace. 

As society continues to change and economic development continues to alter the world, vocational education is a valuable asset to meet the demands of our rapidly-changing world.  The demands for vocational education have become quite high.  In particular, poverty alleviation has become a clear task in the national level of education. Although our students’ basic education is still very weak, the demands for employment have changed from what they were 12 years ago.   At the same time, job requirements are changing. 

If we only look at the results of 12 years of progress, we will be blind to the environmental changes that are to come with the passage of time.  Without this foresight, we will soon be out of fashion, unable to meet the expectations and needs of an ever-changing society.  

However, in the face of adversity, we have the confidence to continue leading with our values in tow because of our strong team of teachers.  With a ratio of teachers to students of 1:2, a much higher level than the requirements of the commission system and many other schools throughout China, each and every teacher is directly a part of the brand competitiveness of BNVS.

Due to the changes implemented by the requirements of the commission, students must now spend an additional year studying in school with a year-long internship to follow.  With the longer period of time that students must spend here, this offers an opportunity for us to enhance the content of teaching for our students as well as help them improve their ability to learn. 

12 years ago during the first meeting at the beginning of BNVS, I told the first group of teachers – some of which are here now-that BNVS cannot help you to earn money nor can it help you to fight for the title of a teacher.  However, it can provide you with a free educational platform that will allow you to have the opportunity to achieve your ideal model of education.  With over 5,000 youths being educated through BNVS, this growth has fulfilled their wishes. 

Today, I want to reaffirm what was said 12 years ago.  BNVS still cannot give you fame nor help you obtain rewards of the financial sort.  However, we can give you the opportunity to enhance and improve your educational career development.  BNVS is not only the experimental base of course reform, but also the studio of improved teaching efficiency and teaching methods. 

In 2017, we will focus on improving teaching efficiency.  To do so, we will invite foreign experts to train in teaching methods through workshops in order to educate our teachers.  We will keep track syllabi, teaching plans, and teaching records by utilizing the network information system.  To help teachers focus on teaching more efficiently, we will actively carry out research in our teaching and cross-communication with other schools to integrate these teaching recourses.  On one hand, we will be striving to organize teaching research, and promote published materials.  On the other, we will utilize more online education to provide a more practical teaching method and expand the influence that teachers have on their students.  Thanks for the support of China Telecom, the synchronous network facilities of the campus have been installed this week.  We are extremely willing to provide more assistance with teaching and research methods to teachers and are anxious to hear suggests that you may have. 

However, to do this, the work will cause a greater workload for the teachers with an already busy schedule.  Filling out and submitting teaching records paired with the other many tasks that they must complete to improve themselves, their students, and the school at large will be a great deal of work. 

On behalf of the school board and teaching management team, I would like to express my sincere thanks and gratitude to the teachers once again.  Because of your hard work and dedication you not only help our students directly but also influence more young people by the brand affect of BNVS.  You also play a positive role for the development of China’s vocational education.

To conclude, there is one more thing I would like to say to you all.  Teaching is an enviable profession, one with privileges. You possess a power to influence and change the heart and minds of our youth. If you are change one person by your work, what a great achievement.  In this sense, let it be known that each and every teacher is a beacon of life for those that they teach. 

Today, the whole world is full of unstable factors that remind us that the best of mankind is hard-won. The struggle for clean air and a peaceful life are all difficulties that we must work to overcome. The more we look at these issues, the more one can see the meaning of education. The future of our youth is the future of the world. We must educate to make our world better. This is our common goal.

I wish every teacher has good health; everything goes well with your work, lead a happy life.

       I wish nothing but the best for each and every teacher.  I hope you all continue to live healthy and happy lives throughout your personal and professional lives. 

 (January, 17,2017, the Spring Fraternity, Yaoli )



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