10 BNVS Teachers Obtained Australian Certificate IV in Training and Assessment
Release date:2018-07-27 Views:2757

From July 2nd to July 27th, Australian National VET training course for Certificate IV in Training and Assessment (TAE40110) organized by BNVS and HGT Australia International College was successfully held in BNVS Beijing. After four weeks of intensive course, all the 10 teachers from 9 BNVS local schools passed the examination and obtained the Australian “Certificate IV in Training and Assessment “on July 27th. Dan Tebbutt, Commercial Minister of the Business Office of the Australian Embassy in China, attended the graduation ceremony and awarded qualifications to qualified teachers.

The training was specially delivered by Phillip Reed, Quality and Compliance Manager, Senior Trainer of HGT Australia International College. The training consists of a total of 10 units of competency, including Australian Vocational Education and Training (VET) System, individualized teaching plans and methods, teaching assessment and validation. This training marks BNVS’s second collaboration with HTG Australia International College after a visit to HTG in last December.

Through this training, BNVS teachers have thoroughly studied the basic concepts and methodology of Australia's competency-based VET system, mastered various assessment tools, and gained internationally recognized training expertise. The first 10 teachers who have obtained the International TAE Qualification will be the forerunners and leaders of the school they belong to, fully implementing individualized teaching plans and teaching assessments in the upcoming new school year. They will organize the teaching teams of their respective schools to continue learning and innovation, and to establish the BNVS VET innovation community. The innovation community is aimed to provide superior vocational education for underprivileged young students in BNVS, pave the way for their progress through innovation and light their lives through education.




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