Make a significant difference to the lives of the young people you teach.
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Dan Tebbutt, Commercial Minister of the Business Office of the Australian Embassy in China at the Graduation Ceremony of Australian National VET training course for Certificate IV in Training and Assessment
First I would like to congratulate the 10 participants on completing the 4-week training. I understand, for some of you who were new to Australian education and training, the 20 days might be filled with struggles with complex and unfamiliar terms and strategies. But with your hard work and rich experience in teaching, and with support from your principals and senior administration staff, I’m so delighted to see that today you are sitting here with proud and great fulfilment. 
Secondly, I would like to congratulate HGT Australia and BNVS, both not-for-profit organisations, on successfully delivering the train-the-trainer program following a series of visits and collaborative projects over the past year. Future training options, especially in the aged care sector, for BNVS and CAJ staff, are now possible with a strong working relationship established and foundation understanding of the principles and practice of VET strategies in place.
The Australian Vocational Education and Training is based on a partnership between governments and industry. In Australia, VET teaching staff are not just industry-aware, but have actual experience in their fields of expertise – maintaining the currency of their knowledge, and modifying their courses to reflect changing industry focus and needs. And that means you learn not only the theory, but also the reality of the subjects you’re studying. I’m sure this is exactly what you have experienced over the past 4 weeks. 
With China’s urgent human resource capability development demand in aged care, Australia is keen and capable of providing world-class training to help build China’s aged care service workforce that is of professional standards, and contributing to a career path for young professionals through different levels of training from basic care to management roles.
Last but not least, Madam Yao Li, we all know that without your foresight and entrepreneurship, this program would never have happened. Big congratulations to Phil, I’m sure your excellent teaching skills and strategies are well received by your smart students. Also a big thank-you to Helen, your knowledge and interpretation has made you a beautiful bridge of culture and language between Phil and his students.
I’m sure when returning to your school, you will automatically become an ambassador for the Australian Vocational Education and Training system, with an enhanced 'toolbox' of training and assessment methodologies. I sincerely hope, embracing the future you will have the support of your leaders and supervisors to bring about change, influence your colleagues and peers, and make a significant difference to the lives of the young people you teach. 



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