Continuous Charitable Support from Ireland
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Dec. 12, 2018, Mr. Eoin O'Leary, ambassador of Embassy of Ireland and Ms. Yao Li, founder and chairperson of BNVS countersigned the contract.
Recently, BNVS’s long-term supporter Embassy Ireland Beijing donated €10,000 to BN Vocational School. The grant will be in support of equipping BNVS Wuhan with up-to-date computer lab to facilitate digital skills training to underprivileged youth. It will benefit BNVS students with digital skills that help them adapt to the fast development of technology and modern society, foster their employment upon graduation and economic independence, therefore, deliver on our mission of changing the fate of themselves and their families through quality vocational education.
Ambassador O’Leary presented diploma to Class of 2015 graduates.
Two months ago, Mr. Eoin O 'leary, the new ambassador of Embassy of Ireland Beijing, together with his wife Anne Delaney and Lavina Collins, head of the education department attended the opening ceremony of the class of 2018 to learn about the education philosophy and charity needs of BNVS. In order to support BNVS to adapt to the trend of the digital age and cultivate high-quality vocational and technical personnel for the future, Embassy of Ireland Beijing offered funding to BNVS once again.
Ambassador O’Leary visited Cooking Workshop of BNVS
The Irish embassy is BNVS’s first overseas supporter based in China, funding BNVS from the establishment of the school in 2005. The Irish embassy has sponsored BNVS through special funding project as well as participation in BNVS’s fund-raising campaign. Various students activities and cultural events have also been co-organized by the two sides, sharing a vision to spread the message of peace and friendship through charitable cooperation.



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