Believe in Love-Sanle's Seventh Family Charity Activity Enters BN Vocational School
Release date:2018-12-30 Views:2759

On December 30, 2018, 12 good-hearted families from the Sanle Travel Education Foundation of the China Guanghua Science and Technology Foundation entered the Beijing BN Vocational School and cooperated with the school to carry out the "Believe in Love-Sanle’s Seventh Family Charity activity".

 With the escort by Wen Bo, the president of Beijing BN Vocational School, 12 good-hearted families visited the school and watched the promotional video of the vocational school to know the founding process of the BN vocational school, the concept of running a public welfare school,  the education mode and the features of vocational education.

 Ms. Pan Fuyan, head of the Sanle Travel Education Fund, reviewed the footprints of Sanle's charitable activities over the past eight years including the warm stories and philanthropic ideas of the beneficiaries of the Sanle Public Welfare Project together with 12 families.

The families representatives participating in the event made concluding remarks, sharing the common mission of Sanle and vocational schools to change the fate of young people with quality education, and calling on good-hearted families to cultivate citizens with a world vision and mind for society and others.

  12 good-hearted families walk into the dormitory of BN vocational school students and share with them the importance of daily cleaning (one of the living skills classes in BN vocational schools). They taught the children of 12 families how to fold clothes efficiently and neatly, and enjoy the beauty that cleaning can bring to individuals and society.

 Finally, the activity ended with the lovely song of "Believe in Love", which was sung by the 12 family of Sanle and the chorus of BN students. Believe in love, is the power of change, believe in love, there will be unlimited hope.



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