BNVS Charitable Vocational Education Shortlisted for Global Solicitation and Challenge Prize on Best Poverty Reduction Practices
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The 3rd annual International Seminar on Global Poverty Reduction Partnerships organized by three Rome-based UN agencies (RBAs) -- The Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO), the International Fund for Agricultural Development (IFAD), and the World Food Programme (WFP) -- together with the International Poverty Reduction Center in China (IPRCC) and China Internet Information Center (CIIC), was held on May 15, 2019 in the margins of the Expo for International Cooperation (EXCO 2019) in Rome, Italy. It focused on the role of technological innovations and global partnerships in achieving Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), accelerating poverty reduction and eradicating hunger.

The Deputy Executive Director of WFP, Amir Abdulla, moderated the seminar. Xia Gengsheng, vice minister of the State Council Leading Group Office of Poverty Reduction and Development noted that the Chinese government is working on the post-2020 strategy for poverty reduction. "We will take into account China's current context and learn from international successful experiences. We will promote cooperation with international agencies such as the FAO, IFAD and WFP, so that we can better explore measures to address relative poverty and promote China's poverty alleviation cause in a sustainable manner."

During the seminar, the result of the Global Solicitation and Challenge Prize on Best Poverty Reduction Practices was presented, with the list of the first compilation of 24 poverty reduction case studies released, out of all the 110 best case studies on the shortlist, announced by Xue Lisheng, vice editor-in-chief of CIIC.

“Breaking the Cycle of Generational Poverty through Charitable Vocational Education – A Case Study of Poverty Alleviation through the BN Vocational School Model”is shortlisted for the first compilation of poverty reduction case studies.

Ms. Yao Li, Founder and Chairperson of BNVS sharing “Poverty Reduction Through Charitable Vocational Education: The Story of BN Vocational School”in the seminar.

Since its foundation in 2005, BNVS has established 11 schools in China and Angola, providing free vocational education to more than 6800 underprivileged youth. Aims at breaking the cycle of generational poverty, BNVS carried out vocational education reform and innovation with close cooperation with companies, focusing on “Whole Person”, “Whole Environment”, “Individual Learning Plan”and “Self Governance & Service”. To explore a sustainable NGO model, BNVS highly values quality management and persists on principles of clean, transparent and effective, gaining continued support from the society. BNVS graduates not only obtained employment, helping their families out of poverty, but also contributed to the school and community, becoming the positive force of our society.

The campaign was jointly launched by seven organizations, including the World Bank, the Asian Development Bank, FAO, IFAD, WFP, IPRCC and CIIC, in May 2018 in Beijing. 820 case studies from more than 30 countries were received in total, introducing various poverty reduction approaches, such as through tourism, financial poverty alleviation, poverty reduction for vulnerable groups and poverty reduction through employment and entrepreneurship.

List of the first compilation of best poverty reduction case studies (In no particular order)

Title of the case study

Submission organization

Bringing laborers out of poverty with vocational 
education -- A case study on poverty reduction by using 
a "pedicure" training program in Ziyang County

Human Resources and Social 
Security Bureau of Ziyang County, 
Shaanxi Province, China

Poverty reduction through ecological protection and 
ecological compensation -- A case study of ecological 
poverty alleviation in Horqin Zuoyi Rear Banner, Inner 
Mongolia Autonomous Region

Office of the CPC Committee of 
Horqin Zuoyi Rear Banner, China 
and Inner Mongolia Minzu University 

Breaking the cycle of generational poverty through 
charitable vocational education–A case study of poverty 
alleviation through the BN Vocational School Model

China Institute for Poverty 
Reduction, Beijing Normal 

The path of "Internet + Poverty Alleviation" based on 
China's national conditions - A case study of poverty 
alleviation practices of Alibaba in five fields

Alibaba Group

Chinese herbal medicine industry promotes the 
development of poverty-stricken areas--A case study of 
Rhodiola cultivation by INOHERB for poverty alleviation

INOHERB Cosmetics Co., Ltd.

Big data and the fight to reduce poverty in Binzhou, 
Shandong Province 

Binzhou Municipal Leading Group 
Office for Poverty Alleviation and 
Development, Shandong Province, 

Creating seasonal jobs to increase income of 
poverty-stricken workforce: A case study on seasonal 
jobs and cooperation between Fuzhou and Dingxi cities

Employment Promotion Division of 
Human Resources and Social 
Security Bureau of Fuzhou, Fujian 
Province, China

Poverty Alleviation Resettlement (PAR) program – A 
case study on poverty alleviation by relocation and 
resettlement in Linxi County of Inner Mongolia 
("Relocation +")

Poverty Alleviation Office of Linxi 
County, Inner Mongolia, China

Motivating poverty-stricken households by "lending 
gazelles" instead of "donating gazelles" — A case study 
on poverty alleviation by developing a Mongolian 
gazelle breeding industry in Nanjiang County, Sichuan 

The Working Group on Poverty 
Alleviation designated by the 
Industrial and Commercial Bank of 
China in Nanjiang County, Sichuan 

Searching for a feasible pathway for sustainable 
agricultural development and income increases for 

World Bank

Give play to the leading role of communities in China's 
poverty alleviation -Enlightenment from World Bank 
financed sustainable development project in China's 
poor rural areas

World Bank

Connect smallholder farmers to markets -- Case study 
of purchase for progress

World Food Programme

Shanxi Integrated Agricultural Development Project

Asian Development Bank

Yunnan Integrated Road Network Development Project

Asian Development Bank

Public-Private-Producer Partnership brings smallholder 
farmers on board to sustainable poverty reduction – A 
case study of tea industry development in Shiyan 

International Fund for Agricultural 

E-finance vouchers support agribusiness – A case study 
of Kenya by the International Fund for Agricultural 
Development (IFAD) 

International Fund for Agricultural 

Rural development in the Arabian Peninsula -
Technology transfer to enhance rural livelihoods and 
natural resource management in the Arabian peninsula

International Fund for Agricultural 

Agricultural Innovation Marketplace: Knowledge-sharing 
initiative to boost agricultural innovation in LAC and 
African countries

International Fund for Agricultural 

Rural entrepreneurship resource centers:
Giving entrepreneurs the skills and tools to build their 
ideas into businesses

International Fund for Agricultural 

Knowledge-sharing radio broadcasts help female farmers 
thrive: Adding female voices to agricultural radio 
programmes empowered communities in four African 

International Fund for Agricultural 

Tool banks in rural India: Empowering women through 
better access to agricultural tools

International Fund for Agricultural 

Certificate scheme provides access to finance in 
Paraguay: A new way to access collateral for loans

International Fund for Agricultural 

Strengthen the coverage of agricultural risks through 
agricultural insurance – A case study of Senegal 

Food and Agriculture Organization 
of the United Nations

Enhancing farmers' skills through participatory trainings 
at Farmer Field School: Case of Rong'an County, 
Guangxi Province, China

Food and Agriculture Organization 
of the United Nations, Plant 
Protection Station of Rong'an 




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