What We Are: established in 2005, the BN Vocational School (BNVS) is China's first tuition-free, non-profit charitable vocational school at the senior secondary level.
BNVS Mission: to empower young people of underprivileged backgrounds to realize better futures by providing them with quality and relevant vocational education.. 
Education Content: a BNVS education is more than just acquiring technical skills. Students also learn life and social skills and ethics to help them succeed and fully integrate into society.
BNVS Campuses: Beijing, Chengdu, Dalian, Sanya, Wuhan, Yinchuan, Zhengzhou, Lijiang, Meizhou and Leishan. In 2014, with the support of Citic Construction Co., BNVS’s model is being replicated in Angola; helping Angolan underprivileged youth change their fate. 
Education & Employment Success: as of August, 2018, over 6,800 under-privileged youth have received tuition-free vocational education through BNVS; its 4,114 graduates have all successfully obtained employment. This has dramatically improved the financial status and living conditions of their entire families. 


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