• The first round of school admissions launched in March.
  • BNVS received its first donation from Dalian Parkland Group in August. 
  • BNVS Opening Ceremony was held on September 26th.
  • The first BN Charity Gala — BNVS annual fund raising event was held in December.


  • The first BNVS annual audit was completed in January.
  • The first BNVS Board meeting was held on January 20th. Yao Li, the founder of BVNS, was elected chairperson.
  • BVNS was officially certified to grant the senior secondary vocational education degree by the Beijing Municipal Education Commission in June.
  • BNVS was qualified with the ISO9001 Quality Management System certification in August.


  • All BNVS first intake students became gainfully employed in June.
  • China’s International Symposium on Charity Legislation was held at BNVS in June.
  • BN Vocational Education Forum held in July.
  • BNVS self-edited school textbooks were published by Tsinghua University Press in September.
  • Graduation Ceremony for the first intake students was held in September.


  • Project Hope Sichuan class was established to help students from Wenchuan earthquake area in May.
  • “Dreams Pave the Way” written by BNVS founder Yao Li, was published in June.
  • BN New Citizen Vocational School and New Citizen Teacher Training Center funded by Narada Foundation were established in June.
  • BN Charity Choir participated in the International Chorus Festival of China and won the “Outstanding Performance Award” in July.
  • Three students attended the Access English Scholarship summer program in the United States in August.
  • BNVS hosted the “Vocational Education and Harmonious Social Development Forum” in November.


  • In order to assist post disaster reconstruction, BNVS Chengdu was established in March, which was the first BNVS branch school to be opened outside Beijing. 
  • A comprehensive school administrative and management system was implemented in July, which laid a solid foundation for school’s daily operations and future replications. 
  • Supported by the Narada Foundation and the Lester B. Pearson School Board (Canada), BNVS organized its first group of teachers and students traveling to Canada for teaching and vocational trainings in August.
  • BNVS was recognized as a “Top 10 Charity Organization” in China in October by the One Foundation.
  • Partnering with the Li Jiang Minority Secondary Vocational School, BNVS launched the Project Hope Nursing Class in November.
  • Deloitte provided pro bono annual auditing services to BNVS and conducted under international auditing standards in December.


  • BNVS was officially recognized as a “National Outstanding Social Organization” in February by the Chinese Ministry of Civil Affairs.
  • Schneider Electric sponsored the opening of an electrical laboratory at BNVS in April. 
  • The 2nd Session of the BNVS Board was established in May.
  • H.E. Mary McAleese, the President of Ireland, visited BNVS Beijing on June 14th.
  • Four New BNVS Schools, BNVS Nanjing, Wuhan, Sanya and Zhengzhou established in September.


  • BNVS became a public management teaching case by Yale School of Management.
  • With the support of the International Youth Foundation, “Passport to Success” - life skills course launched at all BNVS schools.
  • BNVS Sanya won the secondary school level championship for the FLL Robotics Competition funded by DELL, and was qualified to take part in the Robotics World Championships held in Norway and Denmark in August.
  • China Construction Bank launched its sponsorship of BNVS Sanya in December.


  • To celebrate Citibank’s 200th anniversary in June and in conjunctions with its Global Community Day, volunteer activities were held in BNVS Beijing, Chengdu and Nanjing. Citibank foundation became a longtime sponsor to BNVS.
  • BNVS Dalian and Yinchuan established in September.
  • The first intake students graduated from BNVS Nanjing, Wuhan, Sanya, Zhengzhou and fully employed in October.
  • Walmart China donated 3 million RMB to BNVS on October 24th to establish the Walmart Retail Talent Training Fund.


  • With the support of Taiwan Bliss and Wisdom Foundation of Culture and Education, BNVS teachers participated in the Teacher Training Camp in Taiwan in January.
  • BNVS Lijiang established in June.
  • With the support of Beijing Sinnet Technology and Digital China, the M-Internet teaching launched in BNVS Beijing in September.


  • BNVS Angola was established in February.
  • Faculty from BNVS Angola attended management training in Beijing in April.
  • Zhu Maoyuan, BNVS Board member made a presentation on BNVS at the “China Education Symposium 2014” hosted by Harvard Graduate School of Education in May.
  • Chinese Premier Li Keqiang and Vice President of Angola Manuel Domingos Vicente attended the opening ceremony of BNVS Angola on May 8th.
  • BNVS Chairperson Yao Li delivered a speech at the International Youth Foundation-hosted “Caterpillar Equip Youth” Global Forum in South Africa in August.
  • Lu Xin, Chinese Deputy Minister of Education, visited BNVS Beijing on September 27th. All BNVS schools synchronously held their joint 2014 graduation and school year opening ceremonies via online broadcasting, marking the 10th anniversary of the school.
  • The first BN VocEd Workshop sponsored by Citi Foundation was held in Beijing on November 15th. 
  • The Third Session of the BNVS Board was established in November.


  • BNVS Angola Schneider electrical laboratory donation ceremony was held in January.
  • BNVS Angola held first graduation ceremony of mechanical operation class on January 29th.
  • Principals from all BNVS schools participated teaching trainings in Denmark and Germany in September.
  • Mr. Gugile Ernest Nkwinti, South African Rural Development and Land Reform Minister, visited BNVS on October 18th.
  • The First Session of BNVS Youth Board was established in December.


  • The core curriculum of BNVS three-year life skills training system was launched in January.
  • The first BN Charity Concert was held at the National Centre for the Performing Arts on July 7th.
  • BNVS Students English Speech Contest was held in Beijing in July.
  • BNVS Angola held the inauguration ceremony of its new campus in the Kilamba Kiaxi City in September.
  • New Oriental English classes sponsored by New Oriental Group began in BNVS Beijing in September.
  • The BNVS Internet Information Management System (BN Tree) was launched in September. 


  • The 2nd BN VocEd Workshop was held in Beijing in March which focused on pedagogical innovations in vocational education.
  • An art exhibition of BNVS students was held in Beijing in April. The exhibit featured more than 60 works of art produced by the four students during their overseas art study in India sponsored by the Foundation for Amazing Potentials and the International Institute of Fine Arts. 
  • BNVS launched its first overseas internship initiative in May, with a group of students traveling to Germany to intern at Lehei GmbH.
  • Chinese State Councilor Wang Yong visited BNVS Angola in June.
  • BNVS closely cooperated with the International Poverty Alleviation Center to successfully identify and enroll students from state designated poverty regions.  
  • BNVS received its first heritage donation from Ms. Wang Jianping, a long serving and dedicated volunteer of the school in August, Ms. Wang's family donated 500,000 RMB to BNVS in her loving memory and at her request. 
  • BNVS Meizhou was established in September.
  • BNVS work group traveled to Australia to learn about Australian Vocational Education and Training (VET) system in November.
  • Chinese pop singer Xing Tiansu composed the BNVS school anthem "Beacon of Light" in December.


  • The 13th BN Charity Night was held in Beijing Poly Theater on January 29th, 239 students from all 10 BNVS campuses performed on stage with well-known performing artists. 


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