In the aftermath of the civil war all was lost; the Angolan government has made every effort to rebuild the economy. Since 2008, with the government’s high attention and strong support, CITIC construction has joined the redevelopment of Angola, successfully implementing a great number of infrastructure projects. Based on the common understanding of education’s significant influence on a nation, CITIC Construction decided to bring the BNVS model to Angola to help local youth gain work skills and employment so as to contribute to their families and society. CITIC BNVS Angola is then established with funding from CITIC Construction aiming to boost Angolan vocational education and economy growth.

In February 2014, CITIC Construction, China Youth Development Foundation and BN Vocational School Board signed an official agreement on the school’s establishment. CITIC BNVS Angola offers curriculum of electrical, mechanical and constructional engineering. As an all free charitable school, the school recommends qualified graduates for immediate employment. Its first intake of students were enrolled on April 28th, 2014.

After being trained under BNVS’s education and management philosophy, an Angolan local faculty runs the school with passion of both education and charity work, ensuring the successful localization of the school, including its curriculum setting and teaching management. As a replicated model school of BNVS, CITIC BNVS Angola also raises funds from local enterprises, overseas-funded enterprises and international organizations. We welcome and appreciate your kind support as volunteers and sponsors.


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