Basic Requirements of BNVS Volunteer

Age, 18 or above
Kind-hearted and keen on charity events.
Follow the principles of free will, equality, volunteer, honesty and legality.
With basic qualities of volunteering and relative technical knowledge.
Abide by the laws of PRC and the volunteer criteria of BNVS.


Volunteer Opportunities

As a nonprofit organization, BNVS’s establishment and development are hand in hand with the supports and contributions from the volunteers. The following are the positions are available, we espcially need foreigners.



Due to the high degree of international cooperation with the school, BNVS has an ongoing need for highly qualified Chinese/English and English/Chinese translators, particularly during major events. Also, there is a need for native English speakers with good writing skills to polish the English translations prior to publication.

Chinese to English translator

1. B.A. or higher, English major
2. bilingual, Chinese and English
3. previous translation experience &/or training preferred
4. ability to meet deadlines
5. work can be submitted via email.


Volunteer Application

Please download the BNVS Volunteer Application Form and send it to the following e-mail address. Please state at which school you want to volunteer.

BNVS Beijing:
BNVS Chengdu:
BNVS Nanjing:
BNVS Sanya:
BNVS Wuhan:
BNVS Zhengzhou:
BNVS Dalian:
BNVS Yinchuan:
BNVS Lijiang:


Volunteer Handbook

For more information, please download BNVS Volunteer Handbook


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