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Like music carried away on a spring breeze – remembering Mr. Jiang Ke, the founder of musical education at BN Vocational School 2019.05.30 下载 预览
A Case Study of Poverty Alleviation through the BNVS Model 2019.05.17 下载 预览
BNVS Charitable Vocational Education Shortlisted for Global Solicitation and Challenge Prize on Best Poverty Reduction Practices 2019.05.16 下载 预览
Notice On Appointment of Mr. Chen Xiaojia As Council Member of BN Vocational School 2019.04.04 下载 预览
Launch of BN Special Fund By China Volunteer Service Foundation 2019.03.05 下载 预览
Believe in Love-Sanle's Seventh Family Charity Activity Enters BN Vocational School 2018.12.30 下载 预览
Beijing BN Vocational School Hold "Indian Culture Day" Activity 2018.12.28 下载 预览
Continuous Charitable Support from Ireland 2018.12.17 下载 预览
Make a significant difference to the lives of the young people you teach. 2018.07.28 下载 预览
10 BNVS Teachers Obtained Australian Certificate IV in Training and Assessment 2018.07.27 下载 预览
Upcoming Event: 2017-2018 BN Charity Night 2018.01.08 下载 预览
Chinese Youth Adults Grow Together Through Life Skills Training 2017.12.07 下载 预览
BNVS Annual Report, 2016-2017 2017.10.12 下载 预览
The founder of BNVS Yao Li says, “Face the challenge bravely, with the best vocational education to light the future of young life. 2017.05.26 下载 预览
There Are Brilliant Love Lanterns In the Night Sky 2017.05.24 下载 预览
In the Name of Art | BNVS F4 High Energy Youth Group Come Back from India and school organizes “ ’India Impression’—— BNVS Students India Art Educational Achievement Exhibition" 2017.05.05 下载 预览
PTS Pedagogy, A Dynamic Critical-thinking Workshop 2017.04.25 下载 预览
Rumor Goes that no teacher can help students from vocational schools, Really? It depends on the pedagogy. —— Ideas from Global educational experts, Demo classes from model teachers, Riveting classes from vocational schools! 2017.04.12 下载 预览
Enjoy the Wonderful Year End Party of 2016 with Cummins 2017.01.13 下载 预览
Project Official of IYF Visited BNVS Chengdu, Yinchuan and Beijing 2016.12.30 下载 预览

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