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2019 BN Charity Night Successfully Completed 2019.04.22 下载 预览
BNVS Alumnae Fan Yanling & Zhao Yinhong Sing Their "A Million Dreams" 2019.04.22 下载 预览
BNVS Lijiang Students Perform at 2019 BN Charity Night 2019.04.22 下载 预览
Rehearsal for 2019 BN Charity Gala from BNVS Leishan 2019.03.24 下载 预览
Minister for Education and Skills of Ireland Visited BNVS Beijing 2019.03.24 下载 预览
2019 BN Charity Night Coming Soon 2019.03.24 下载 预览
Opening Ceremony of BNVS Leishan 2018.09.19 下载 预览
10 BNVS Teachers Obtained Australian Certificate IV in Training and Assessment 2018.07.27 下载 预览
Education Lights the Journey of Life 2018.05.29 下载 预览
Student Recruitment of BNVS 2018.05.07 下载 预览
BN Charity Night 2018 2018.04.08 下载 预览
BNVS In Angola 2018.04.05 下载 预览

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